Fix GPU load 100% Desktop Window Manager Windows 11

When your PC feels laggy with Nvidia GPU drivers that keep hitting 100% under idle situations, there are several chances to cause that problem.

Either its virus, trojan on mining crypto, the NVIDIA drivers mismatch, misconfiguration on NVidia settings, Windows scaling issues and many more

After tweaking several stuff, I gave up and decided to solve this by revert back to Windows 10 with NVCleanStall. There result is amazing, now my GPU load RTX 3060 Ti is back to normal

Ideally, when your Windows is idle, your GPU load utilization should be like this

Fyi, this is running under 240hz of monitor refresh rate and using Windows 11 22H2

To solve the problem:

  1. Reduce performance by go to Windows start menu “Adjust the appearance and performance of windows”.
  2. Try to remove unnecessary animation and others stuff.

3. Install the latest Nvidia drivers and do not change the
4. Go to Task Manager, find Desktop Window Manager, right click and choose “Go to Details”. Find dwm.exe and right click. Set priority to Normal.

If the GPU load still high, Please check your Nvidia settings and change Power Management from “Prefer Maximum Performance” into “Normal” then reboot.

If this High GPU load still exists, the last resort is to “uninstall your GPU Nvidia Driver” and use the default driver from Windows (early version)

In my case, the 2021 drivers works like a charm for me!

Machine Learning

Install Tensorflow run with GPU RTX in Windows 11


Please go to the latest update article here


This tutorial will help you to run Tensorflow in Windows 11 to use GPU for modelling, with the latest Visual Studio, CUDA and latest drivers. In this case, I’m using RTX 3060Ti Lite Hashes and Python 3.7 – 3.10 for Windows. (I use Python 3.10.9)


We need to install

  • Clean Windows Installation and GPU drivers card
  • the Microsoft Visual C++ (MSVC) compiler 2022
  • the CUDA Toolkit 11.8
  • the cuDNN libraries
  • Install tensorflow


1. Windows fresh installation to remove the complexity of issues or bugs is recommended here. I did re-install my Windows 11 in this step

2. Instead of using Nvidia Geforce Experience, I uninstall the GPU drivers (back to Microsoft Basic) and use NVCleanstall to download my RTX 3060 drivers without others bloatware

3. I use Python 3.9 from Anaconda