Enforce Dark mode to all website in Chrome

Dark mode is good or bad for your eyes? What happen when all website you are visit is in Dark mode? I’m running this experiments via Chrome. Yes, you can enable this easily. Follow the steps below

First, type this into your browser


Search “auto dark mode” in the search box, then click Enable.

Then relaunch your browser. Now, everything you see will be in dark mode!

PS: Apparently dark mode is not good for my eyes focus after give a try for 15-20 minutes

Fix Customize resolution unable Nvidia Samsung 240hz

When I’m using 240hz with G-SYNC and Performing scaling on GPU, the resolution available is just 5120xs1440, 1920×1440, 1920×1200, and 1600×1200.

To add new resolution, here are the pre-requisities: Make sure enable 240hz and Scaling on GPU

Then go to regedit, choose “Find” with Key and value checked, enter keyword “nv_modes”.

Modify by adding this as end of the line


Then reboot. Now you should see a new resolution in your Nvidia Panel