Adjust fan speed Dell R730 Poweredge

By default, it will going to 100% which consume more watt and noises. To adjust your Dell R730RD Poweredge fan speed, you can do this step.

Dell R730 Fan Speed

1. Get the IPMI ip address, username and password

2. Install the IPMI client

3. Open your powershell and execute these command

ipmitool.exe -I lanplus -U username -P password -H raw 0x30 0x30 0x01 0x00

This command will enable the option to modify the fan speed. Next you can add this example to go 80% of speed

ipmitool.exe -I lanplus -U username -P password -H raw 0x30 0x30 0x02 0xff 0x50

Or you can change the last two alphanumeric with the conversion from


Install WordPress on AWS Ubuntu 20.04

Here is a full guide installation on how to set up WordPress with your domain using AWS route 53, EC2 and Ubuntu 20.04 – Focal Fossa. I will assume you have zero or limited understanding of how to set your blog running on a small server.

To setup this, all you need is 15 minutes have access to your CMDER or command console.. The steps are quite easy by setup domain, EC2 instance, DNS configuration, Softwares installation, NGINX configuration, Database, SSL Letsencrypt and WordPress installation