How to copy or duplicate question in Metabase

There are several ways to copy questions in Metabase. The first one, is through saving feature by open the question, edit the SQL and choose save. If you want to do in bulk, this maybe tedious. Another alternative solution is by using Metabase API.

Here is how we can copy questions in Metabase in bulk

In [1]: from metabase_api import Metabase_API
In [2]: mb = Metabase_API('http://localhost:3000', 'username', 'password')

In [13]: mb.copy_card(source_card_name='Question1', source_collection_id=<your_source_collection_id>, destination_collection_id=<your_collection_destination_id>, destination_card_name="NewQuestion")

For more detail API about how to copy, you can check the source code below:

  def copy_card(self, source_card_name=None, source_card_id=None, 
                source_collection_name=None, source_collection_id=None,
                destination_collection_name=None, destination_collection_id=None,
                postfix='', verbose=False):
    """Copy the card with the given name/id to the given destination collection. 
    Keyword arguments:
    source_card_name -- name of the card to copy (default None) 
    source_card_id -- id of the card to copy (default None) 
    source_collection_name -- name of the collection the source card is located in (default None) 
    source_collection_id -- id of the collection the source card is located in (default None) 
    destination_card_name -- name used for the card in destination (default None).
                             If None, it will use the name of the source card + postfix.
    destination_collection_name -- name of the collection to copy the card to (default None) 
    destination_collection_id -- id of the collection to copy the card to (default None) 
    postfix -- if destination_card_name is None, adds this string to the end of source_card_name 
               to make destination_card_name
    ### Making sure we have the data that we need 

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