Install Tensorflow 1 with RTX 4090 or CUDA 11 and 12

There is a quick way to install and run Tensorflow version 1 (eg: Tensorflow 1.5) in Ubuntu, RTX 4090 and CUDA 12. Here are quick step to do it.

  1. Install Python 3.6 or Python 3.8

Depending on your needs, you can setup this using anaconda

conda create -n 36 python=3.6
conda activate 36

2. Install NVIDIA python index

pip install --user nvidia-pyindex

3. Install Tensorflow 1.5 both GPU and CPU support

pip install --user nvidia-tensorflow[horovod]

Voila! Now you can run Tensorflow 1 using CUDA 11 or 12 on Ubuntu without problem.

Another alternative is using NVIDIA NGC.

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